Warranty and quality made in Italy


Since 1965 SERAI is well-known for the quality and reliability of its products.
SERAI is market leader in the field of electronic devices for civil and industrial applications.
Gate openers, intruder alarm systems, timers, twilight switches, level controllers, movement detectors, timers for stair lights: these and many others are the high-technological devices in SERAI range.


In order to check the correspondence to these rules, there are highly specialized laboratories with very expensive and vanguard appliances.
Since 1996 SERAI has a sophisticated laboratory equipped with an anechoic chamber (photo) – 8×5×4 m – where the products are scrupulously tested against electromagnetic pollution.
At the end of the production process, each single device is subjected to a direct test. Besides, 30% of each lot is tested a second time by different technicians and in different factories.

SERAI devotes great care to the training of its technical staff and of the installers.
The Company regularly organises specialization courses in Italian, English and French with qualified staff as teachers, so as to guarantee the constant updating on products and regulations.