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  • KIT/S1H Cod. 84.S1

    Automation system for overhead garage and sectional doors up to 15 m²
  • KS/3 Cod. 84.S3

    3.15 m track with chain for KIT/S1H
  • KS/4 Cod. 84.S4

    4.2 m track with chain for KIT/S1H
  • KS/10 Cod. 84.S10

    Adapter arm for overhead garage doors for KIT/S1H
  • KS/15 Cod. 84.S15

    Outside release device for KIT/S1H
  • MT/62 Cod. 84.62

    230 Vac operator for overhead garage doors
  • KB/80 Cod. 84.80

    2 transmission tubes for central mounting. Length 1500mm
  • KB/80L Cod. 84.80 L

    2 transmission tubes for central mounting Length 3000mm
  • KB/83 Cod. 84.83

    Straight arm
  • KB/84 Cod. 84.84

    RH curved arm
  • KB/85 Cod. 84.85

    LH curved arm
  • KB/86 Cod. 84.86

    Kit of accessories for central operator installation
  • L/66 Cod. 84.66

    Short longitudinal beam.Length 700mm
  • L/66 L Cod. 84.66 L

    Long longitudinal beam Length 1500mm
  • K/70 Cod. 84.70

    Limit switches for closure. Enables shutdown of operator when the door reaches the closing position
  • K/67 Cod. 84.67

    Manual release from the outside with handle