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  • M/27-200 Cod. 84.27-200

    Mechanical safety edge with NC contact
  • M/28-200 Cod. 84.28-200

    Mechanical safety edge with 8.2 Kohm conductive sensitive profile
  • M/76-100 Cod. 84.76-100

    Mechanical safety edge
  • M/77 Cod. 84.77

    PVC connection for M/76-100 edge
  • M/78 Cod. 84.78

    Pair of reversible angle pieces for safety edge M/76-100
  • M/79 Cod. 84.79

    Pair of reversible terminal plugs for safety edge M/76-100
  • M/58-200 Cod. 84.58-200

    Passive damper device
  • SV/100 Cod. 84.90K

    Bidirectional radio KIT

  • M/90T Cod. 84.90T

    868MHZ bidirectional transmitter for safety edges

  • M/90R Cod. 84.90R

    868MHz bidirectional receiver for safety edges
  • M/88 Cod. 24.88

    Edge status control board